Top Ten Useless Inventions or Not


Some classic technologies that were deemed dumb back when they were invented, managed to survive the times and actually proved to be not dumb. I have updated with where-are-they-now type of information.

1. 1831: First doorbell invented (Still around, everywhere, unless of course you stole one from the Church Tower!)
2. 1876: First mechanical alarm clock invented (Long dead, replaced by a chip and an LCD!)
3. 1876: Invention of Telephone by Alexander Graham Bell (Still here, though VoIP is changing that.)
4. 1889: First pay phone invented by William Gray (Even drug dealers don’t use them… on its death bed)
5. 1906: Radio programming first launched by Lee DeForest. (Satellite Radio is it… broadcast radio is on a slow road to nowhere!)
6. 1926: First audio and visual movie Don Juan. (Nice… a perfect tool to scare middle America voting Red!)
7. 1938: The walkie-talkie is invented by Al Gross. (Thanks to Boost mobile, it is called Two-way or push to talk!)
8. 1968: Launch of nationwide Rescue 911 (Never say those words in front of a VoIP CEO)
9. 1971: First commercially available answering machine (They are hosted and are everywhere… the cursed things!)
10. 1977: Cell phones go public and become available to consumers. (Oh we are only getting started)

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