Konfabulator widgets I need


If anybody is into Konfabulator widget creation here are some widgets I need but can’t find:

  • Good diskspace monitor for Windows
  • Quickpost for TypePad for making quick posts via a desktop widget
  • Windows Media Player 10 remote control
  • Pop open onscreen Number pad
  • Shutdown/Standby/Hibernate widget

These would make my desktop just about perfect.  One question for long-time Konfabulator users- why don’t they make it possible to save "widget sets" so if something happens you can save all your widgets at once?  Here’s my current desktop for what it’s worth:



Tolulope Olonade

Please mail me with the link if you get any widget that can monitor the CPU/hard disk space usage of a remote machine on the network..


Pam, it’s the Fullscreen clock from the widgets library on the Konfabulator website.


I’d love a weather monitor that doesnt freak out becuase my wifi hasnt connected when the machine boots. It always errors out and I have to manually restart it after a reboot.


JK, which widget is that you’re running that places the time in large numbers on your desktop? I’d love to add it to my desktop! Many thanks… Pam


David, good point about wizmo. I have actually used it before and had completely forgotten about it. It does do exactly what you state and much more as a matter of fact. I still would like a native Konfabulator widget, though. If only to have one less thing to worry about.

David Mihm

While it is not a Konfabulator widget, It is a “run if needed” app – http://grc.com/wizmo/wizmo.htm . I’ve just recently assigned the monitor off and Standby to my m200’s pen assignments. This way you are not constantly using memory for an app to chango the state of the tabletPC in order to save the that series a one-time function.

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