Just found this on Copernic


I was putzing around and found this on the Copernic Desktop web site.  This is so cool!




I saw the same comment on the Copernic site and as I am a regular reader of your blog I knew I could trust your recommendation. I have not been disappointed.
Copernic is a superb search tool! It work much better than the Google desktop search (and the Microsoft beta too)!


Thanks, Rick! You have been a supporter from the beginning and I really appreciate it. BTW, I checked out your work on the web. It looks like you spend a lot of time hanging out at the NYC courts! Your photos are very nice!

Rick Maiman

And, earlier this week, I think I saw a bit about your perfect mini desktop on the Engaget site. Man, you are just steamroling along. I think you are reaching the tipping point in your quest to move full time into tech writing. Looks like your consulting business may have to take a step backward. Way to go, JK! BTW, as I spend just SO much time in my surfing habits as to be certifiable, jkontherun rocks; great looking, easily navigatable, good linking…… Best, your news photog guy, in NYC; Rick Maiman

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