Good office setup for a writer

Davidhewson_desktop I run across a lot of interesting people working on the articles for jkOnTheRun which is the part of the work I find the most rewarding.  You may remember I recently pointed you to a good article about using a Treo 600 that made a good case for using that smartphone as a solo mobile gadget.  I neglected to tell you who David Hewson is so I am going to rectify that. 

I heard from David today telling me about an article he’s published detailing how he set up his home office.  David’s office is important as he is a novelist with many novels under his belt.  You may recognize him from his great Nic Costa detective series or his other works which include Lucifer’s Shadow and Solstice.  His novels are excellent reads and as such a prolific writer the office David uses to produce them must suit his needs.  His article "Creating an office for writing" is a good overview of the hardware and software he has assembled to make his work as easy as possible.  I hope he won’t mind my sharing a photo of his setup with my readers.  Check the article out and if you’re interested in his novels visit his official web site.


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