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jkOTR visitor tnkgrl recently took possession of her new OQO and uses the same setup I use with my Sony U-70.  She provided this photo of her mobile desktop to share with everyone. Thanks tnkgrl!




Those of you who are Cingular and AT&T customers, did you receive the booklet from Cingular explaining the impact to customers now that the merger has closed? Page 13 of the booklet is a full page spread showing off the Sony Ericsson S710. It just made me drool since I’ve been itching to upgrade from my Sony Ericsson T68i for a few months now. I totally want to take the booklet to my closest store and say, “I want that!” Then throw a tantrum if they say they don’t have it in stock yet. LOL.


How’s the OQO treating you, tnkgrl? I still have a SonyEricsson T68i too but with an old Palm Tungsten T1. I’m going to wait for the SonyEricsson S710 that’s going to be a Cingular exclusive phone. That phone will rock with EDGE Class 10 and Bluetooth. I don’t like Nokia’s implementation of Bluetooth. From my experience, their phones don’t automatically send the voice signal to a paired Bluetooth headset. You have to take an extra step to pull the signal into the Bluetooth headset and that’s just annoying.

I’m still debating on whether or not to get an OQO or a Palm Tungsten T5 for my next mobile device. I use it mainly as a calendaring, notepad, messaging and an Internet browser so media playing capabilities have never been much of a need for me as much as mobility and connectivity.


thanks a lot JK and sorry for posting my questionin an unrelated place…



The Nokia 6230 is nice. I’m planning to get another phone as soon T-Mobile offers EDGE and several affordable EDGE camera phones become available.


alejo, THE authority for video on a small screen is Big D’s Video.


While his site is for encoding movies for Pocket PCs the methods are perfect for the small screen of the U. He gives detailed instructions for ripping your DVD and encoding it for optimum disk space savings using all freeware utilities. One of my favorite video sites.

Storing movies is tough on the U. A number of U owners have purchased battery powered USB disk drives for mass storage but taking another device for movies defeats the purpose for me. I partitioned my U70 into two disk partitions so I have about 5 GB free for storing multimedia stuff.


tnkgrl, you should get a newer cell phone like my Nokia 6230. I know though that its hard to give up the T68i since I still have mine. It is a great phone.

The 6230 has class 10 EDGE and lite camera/video capabolities.



what do you think is the best way to store and watch movies on the run? i have no idea where to start to make my U50 double as a mobile media device…



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