End of the Winamp era

Winamp I cannot help but feel very sad that AOL has quietly closed down the Winamp team, leaving just a few employees to provide bug fixes.  No further improvements are expected for the program that ushered in so many innovations for listening to audio that it would be too long to list here.  AOL acquired Nullsoft, the developers of Winamp, in 1999 for $100 million and it did not take them long to shut them down.  The creator of Winamp, Justin Frankel,  has been butting heads with his AOL masters since the acquisition and he finally left AOL after too many disagreements. 

Nullsoft revolutionized the media player with the introduction of Winamp and have changed the way we think about digital audio.  They also gave us the great P2P program Gnutella and the Internet streaming radio technology behind Shoutcast which both live on throughout the world.  You will be missed.


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