Iomega USB HDD- no power needed


Iomegaminihd Iomega’s new USB 2.0 hard disk drive gets its power solely from the USB port which means one less charger to carry around.  It is available in both 20 GB and 40 GB capacities with suggested prices of $180 and $280 respectively.  The Iomega USB 2.0 Mini Hard Drive is compatible with both Windows and Macs and has MusicMatch Jukebox and Adobe Photoshop Album SE bundled with the drive.  A nice touch is the on/off switch that lets you kill the drive without disconnecting it.

(Iomega via NetworkWorldFusion)


Dave Watts

Unfortunately, Iomega’s quality control has historically been severely lacking. There are plenty of other vendors, such as Apricorn and Datastor, who have the same sort of thing, and I’d buy another one of them before touching anything from Iomega.

I actually just ordered the Apricorn 40 GB USB-powered drive yesterday.

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