Vonage Decision Reactions


I guess most of us are up to speed on the whole Vonage decision. I have culled together some of the most important reactions to the news, mostly from press releases and have put them in one place. I will be collecting more thoughts, and perhaps keep adding them to this document.

Jason Talley, president and CEO of Nuvio Corporation: It was time for the FCC to rule on this petition to end state jockeying on regulation of VoIP providers with the intent of insulating and protecting their incumbent telephone providers from real competition. It is not logical, or practical, to subject this voice application to 100-year-old regulations by 50 individual states.
Mike Kennedy, Senior Vice President, Global Government Relations at Motorola: Today’s action moves us closer to establishing that all VoIP services — whether provided by cable, telcos, or wireless broadband — are free from state regulation. Moving to an all IP-world that is free from unnecessary regulatory burdens enables this vision.
James A. Kirkland, Covad senior vice president and general counsel: VoIP is the key to true, facilities-based voice competition.  VoIP marries the computer to the telephone, offering users a range of features that simply don’t exist in the old phone networks.  Facilities-based VoIP, like that provided by Covad, provides the critical missing ingredient needed to realize the vision of the 1996 Act.
Jeff Pulver: Sure the FCC could have waited (and waited and waited) to adopt a comprehensive order addressing all of the economic and social issues confronting VoIP, but preempting the states from developing a hodge-podge of conflicting rules was an essential first step in giving us our marching orders to deploy innovative VoIP services and applications with the certainty that states will not be able to nickel and dime us or otherwise administer us out of business. (Good one Jeff!)

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