Top 11 Reasons Why Computer Geeks Make Better Husbands


11. Computer geeks require little mirror time (unlike the marketing guy I used to date).

10. You never have to worry about shopping for birthdays or Christmas — a Computer Literacy gift certificate will do just fine.

9. No need to buy expensive work clothes–a couple pairs of jeans and Dockers will carry your computer geek for about two years.

8. I was the first woman on the block to have my own e-mail address.

7. My shopping list has been on a spreadsheet for about three years now.

6. Computer geeks never go carousing at bars–just Fry’s Electronics.

5. Computer geeks actually know how to program VCRs.

4. The biggest argument at our house: Mac vs PC.

3. There’s always someone around to explain Dilbert to me.

2. My own Web site. ‘Nuff said.

1. He would never divorce me — I would get half his software.

This was sent to me by my beautiful wife Sheri who knows too well these are all true.  :)


Brad Isaac

This list is all too true! Especially #6 for me. The Mrs. only has to worry about me spending too much money I guess.

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