Seattle’s All Fixed Wireless


UPDATE: Speakeasy has launched a fixed wireless service in metro Seattle area. The 3mbps service is targeting business users and is identified as a WiMAX service, which I guess it has to because it took money from Intel. Wink Wink…Most of the gear on sale for fixed wireless is pre-WiMAX certification. Speakeasy CEO Bruce Chatterley confirms that the service is using a pre-WiMAX standard equipment. The company is not announcing the vendor right now, but will in a month or so. The service will include two offerings – 3 mbps for $600-to-$700 a month. It can be deployed in 24-to-48 hours versus T-1 which takes about 18-to-20 days,” says Chatterley. The second service is a T-1 equivalent that will offer 1.5 megabits per second for $300 a month. “It will be good for back-up for a T-1,” he adds. On both packages, the company is going to prioritize voice traffic over data traffic, making it easier to have VoIP deployed in the businesses. “WiMAX is an extension of our connectivity business in the wireline space. The only new elements we have is a base station and a router that connects to the fiber connection,” Chatterley says. “Seattle is the test market, and we are trying to determine customer demand and see how well the technology works.”

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