Open heart surgery- patient’s perspective

Heart_logo One of the first things I did after starting this blog was write a chronicle of my experience with emergency open heart surgery three years ago.  It was a difficult thing for me to write but something I had to do for closure.  I published the chronicle titled from the heart in installments as soon as I wrote them as I found reliving the experience was very taxing and I needed to step away from it from time to time.  I have received so much great feedback from readers confronted with a similar ordeal that it affirms it was a good thing for me to do.  jkOnTheRun has grown so rapidly that I feel it is a good time to share this with the many new visitors that are coming to the blog now who may not have seen it, as it is now buried in the archives as so often happens with older stuff on blogs.  I have compiled all of the installments into one chronicle to make it easier for you to read.  If it is not something that interests you since it is very off topic just skip over it.  If, instead, you are wondering what happens in this situation then read on…

from the heart


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