Moore’s Law for Inkjet Printers


Did you know that there exists a Moore’s Law (of sorts) for Inkjet printers? Given that how smart most of my readers are, I am assuming they knew that. But I had no clue, and it wasn’t up until I chatted with Vyomesh (VJ) Joshi, the executive VP, Imaging and printing for Hewlett Packard. Actually I have never met anyone or talked to anyone who gets so jazzed up about Printers and Copiers. “Every 18 months, we are doubling our inkjet printer speed,” he says. The current generation of HP inkjets can print 18 million drops per second.” I think we will double again and continue to innovate and drive our speeds on this path.” What does it all mean? If you are a consumer, today it takes about 90 seconds to print a 4X6 photo. Soon enough, it will be down to 40 seconds, and faster and faster. Joshi predicts that in a few years we will be able to print 24 photos from our digital cards in less than a minute. Why? because that’s when the consumers are going to stop thinking about the option of going to the store to get their photo prints.



I think what happened today is pretty telling. HP took the battle to Canon’s courtyard – they are undercutting them on copiers, and that hurts copier makers more than anything else.


If only HP could manage to keep their competitors accelerating their printers at a much faster pace. Canon is truly rubbing HP and Epson’s face in it at the moment!

Frank Powell

But sitting with a group of friends and passing around a CD of your trip to “wherever” just ain’t the same!

Jesse Kopelman

Who needs to print 4×6 photos any more? I find CDs are a much better distribution method. Printing photos is old-school and dying out. If this is the only selling point for the printer of a few years from now, yikes!

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