Konfabulator Kounterfeit- Kapsules


Konfabulator has generated a lot of excitement and rightly so. Some readers may not be aware there is a freeware utility that is very similar in function and even uses widgets. Kapsules has been available for some time now but the program has gotten little attention compared to Konfabulator with its Mac origins. The Kapsules website has the software for download and a widgets library. Sound familiar?  They also have a lot of information on building your own widgets.   Here is a screenshot of a Kapsules  desktop:




It’s really sad, when someone takes time out of their day to put something online for people, for no cost, and people feel the need to senselessly cut it down. If you have your favorite, thats cool, but get a hobby and move out of your mother’s basement if all you have time for is making rediculous and ignorant accusations.

I challenge you to find a Kapsules user bashing Konfabulator, it’s users or its content. You wont. Why? Because it’s not allowed on that community, and their members have *respect* for the other applications.

Give this a read, and reconsider your words. http://www.lockergnome.com/manifesto.phtml


unfortunately kapsules are very low quality when you compare them directly to konfabulator. the code of kapsules is based on microsoft’s .NET which explains the stability problems with almost any widget i tried (yeah i know that’s because .net are beta – konfabulator uses his own engine and doesnt need a load of s@#$ like 28 mb download). On the other hand, konfabulator runs flawlessly for days and maybe crashed one-two times on my box (and then only widgets closed). As for the ripoff there is no question about who ripped who : konfabulator has STYLE the other widget engines lack. The DesktopX is a sad example of complicating the simple things and not doing it accessible to most people(eg. lack of high quality bundled widgets). But hey, they were first.
Kapsules author even ripped off the countdown at the konfab website,again without a slightest sense of style
and he accepts donations……which is very humorous to me, as the software is clearly at beta stage ->
first code something stable, then as people for money, that’s how it should work IMHO.

Marc Orchant

Actually, on the Kapsules site they pay homage to Konfabulator as one of their inspirations. So rather than worrying about who ripped off who I say it’s great that there’s a free (albeit somewhat inferior) and low-cost (and incredibly high quality) option out there.

The bottom line is that the widgets concept is not a new idea and everyone is free to take a stab at creating the best implementation of the idea. Look at what’s going on in the desktop search space for proof that there’s plenty of room at the table for all comers.


Victor, yeah, that’s what I’ve gotta do. I haven’t had time to check everything yet. I figure it installed it in two places in the registry and was wondering if anyone else has seen that. Thanks.


jk, as far as your dual instances of Konfab, did you check the usual (and not so usual) places: startup group, run registry key, services. i like msconfig to find out what’s starting up on my machines.


Kapsules has been out for a while so it’s not a rippoff of Konfabulator, per se. Konfabulator does look much better, doesn’t it? I’m having a weird thing where two instances of Konfabulator appear every time I reboot my PC. Any ideas about that, anybody?

Mark Daniel

Uuuuum, yeah, it looks a helluvalot like Konfabulator, because it appears to be a direct ripoff… not so surprizing for the Windows world. The weather widget it almost exactly like the Konfabulator weather widget, but not as well done, for instance.

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