India, for 10¢ a minute

One has to love fiber, and especially companies that have bought cheap fiber networks and are putting them to effective use. Take Reliance as an example. It built a local and wireless network in India. Then it bought FLAG Telecom. Then it came to US and asked all “Not Really Indians” to sign-up for a service called, Reliance IndiaCall. It was pretty simple, if you had family with Reliance Telecom cell phone, land lines or fixed wireless phone, well you could call them for 11.9¢ / minute. Last week, VSNL bought TYCO’s network, Reliance counter attacked and now has a new price: 9.9¢ / minute. I love this idea… I have been paying nearly 80 cents a minute to call mom… and now well I can be admonished and its would cost me a dollars.

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