AOL restructures again


AOL restructures, has four units, and new head honchos…. and it still is a rude reminder of the sins of a bubble, especially those making real money for Time Warner. AOL is not one of them.


Jesse Kopelman

I don’t know why people criticize AOL over the performance of that unit vs. old school Time Warner. It’s not like anything was ever impressive about them, other than their stock price, pre-merger. Personally I salute their foresight in realizing their stock was incredibly overvalued and trading it in for the better priced TW. One of the best decisions of the last 10 years, I say.


the ”’WalMART Connect ”’ to AOL an I wonder IF
AOL would partner to be Walmarts VOIP thus meaning/
implying that Level3 would become the
Carrier VOIP supplier to WalMART VOIP??


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