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Comcast Deploys Microsoft TV Software

Some details from LR…Microsoft and Comcast announced they’re deploying cable set-top boxes running on Microsoft TV Foundation Edition software — a first in the US. The new Motorola set-top box includes a dual-tuner DVR that can record in HDTV. The software will be automatically downloaded in phases to all other set-top boxes in Washington state (where it is being luanched) over Comcast’s digital network in the next few months.

Some more details in the joint release

Also, a Microsoft PR interview with Moshe Lichtman, VP, MSFT, and Mark Hess, senior VP of digital TV at Comcast. “Foundation Edition’s DVR controls are also smart enough to handle schedule changes. So if your favorite show gets bumped to another time slot, you don’t need to reprogram the DVR. And as Mark mentioned, Foundation lets a user decide to record a show from the beginning, even after they’re into the show by as many as 90 minutes.”