Anybody get Konfabulator yet?


I have been trying all day but I just cannot get in.  Guess their server is swamped after all the advance publicity that Konfabulator for Windows would be available for download today.  Oh well…  Pipe in if you got it.

UPDATE:  I finally got it and it is sweeeet!  Here’s my desktop so far:  OOPS.  Konfabulator won’t let me take a printscreen.  At least, the widgets don’t show up in the screen dump.  I’ll work on that and post again later.  :(



PA, I have been an Object Desktop subscriber for years. I always ended up taking it off whatever computer I was using at the time due to either resource usage or instability (most commonly). What I am finding with Konfabulator is a rock solid platform that I have not had a single problem with yet. From what I have seen so far this knocks Samurize and DesktopX out of the water, at least for me.



Try this out, it’s free and does what these Apple knock offs do:

Apple’s marketing team likes to reinvent the wheel.

The Dashboard versus Konfabulator fight is pretty humorous when you know that Samurize and DesktopX have been around for 4 years on the PC.


Thanks Charlie but I finally got it. I’m building my special desktop now. :) So far perfect- looks great and no snags at all. Just what I expected from Konfabulator!

Charlie Wood

I grabbed it early this morning and paid for it immediately thereafter. I’m a longtime (paid) user of Konfabulator for OS X and was thrilled to hear that it was being released for Windows the same day I’m scheduled to pick up my new Tablet PC. I think they’ll be a perfect match. I hope to write a widget to display coordinates from my Bluetooth GPS receiver Real Soon Now.

The Windows installer is 8.1MB, otherwise I’d offer to mail it to you. I’m sure traffic will subside later tonight.

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