20 million downloads and counting


RIAA take that. You might accuse all of us of being thieves. Bit Torrent usage might be exploding, but research by Ipsos-Insight shows that most of us are happy paying for tunes. The study shows that the number of paying down-loaders increased 150% In First Half Of 2004, bringing the total to a whopping 20 million Americans.



I agree with you. i think it is still early days in the business and i am sure we will see flexible pricing come to this market soon enough. i think catalog tracks are going to be offered at lower prices, i think

Jesse Kopelman

Just imagine how big legit downloading would be if the pricing were more reasonable. $0.99/song is way too much for all but the most popular songs (which could probably go for >$2.00, while they are still “fresh”). Sony could revolutionize the business, since unlike Apple they have their own catalog and could sell those songs for less and still make the same margins. When do we get the backlash from the real-world retailers that legit downloading is killing their business?

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