Opera positioned to dominate mobile market


Opera is positioned to completely dominate the mobile device web browser market and a recent announcement by the Norwegian company may just cement that position.  Opera Software and SlipStream Data have partnered to incorporate the excellent acceleration techniques from SlipStream into the Opera mobile browser.  The two companies say the accelerated web browsing and email for mobile devices will allow ISPs to provide wireless solutions up to 6 times faster than other solutions.  This advantage coupled with the excellent Opera Mobile browser might enable Opera to totally lock up the mobile market.

"As Opera is known as the fastest browser on earth, the decision to consider the browser for this integration was simple," says Ron Neumann, president of SlipStream Data. "Our goal is to offer a superior accelerated browsing experience on any platform, including desktops, laptops, PDAs, and smartphones, and Opera’s multiplatform support helps achieve this. This integration gives ISPs increased support and speed for their users, and will also significantly increase the productivity of mobile workers. Such a partnership helps us continue to expand and embed our technology into new markets."

Opera is already fast becoming the preferred browser on cell phones and recently announced versions that would work with Windows Mobile powered Pocket PCs and Smartphones.  Pocket Internet Explorer is the browser that comes with the Windows Mobile operating system and Opera will have no problem replacing this browser as the one of choice on the Windows Mobile devices.

(Opera Software)

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