StoreJet 40 GB HDD the size of a business card


Storejet Transcend recently announced a new StoreJet 1.8 inch hard disk drive with a 40 GB capacity.  The StoreJet is barely bigger than a business card making it very easy to carry with your gear.  The StoreJet features a USB 2.0 connection and has a number of utilities pre-installed that are geared toward the mobile professional .  The StoreJet Software Pack includes all of these utilities:  ExBoot Express, PC Lock, Security HDD, My Documents, Mobile Internet Explorer Favorites, Mobile Outlook Express and Address Book Editor. ExBoot Express provides full backup and synchronization with your computer. PC Lock & Security HDD keeps your data private and secure. Mobile Internet Explorer Favorites and Mobile Outlook Express allow you to carry your email anywhere you want.

The StoreJet is compatible with both Mac and Windows based PCs.  Power and connectivity is provided through the single USB cable making a convenient package for travelers.

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