Samsung 4 inch widescreen


Samsun_ws_lsc Portable media players are everywhere you look these days and all of them share at least one thing in common- a standard LCD screen for watching the video.  Samsung just announced a 4 inch widescreen (16:9) LCD that allows videos to be watched without the dead band of screen at the top and bottom of current screens.

"Research into the most appropriate screen size has found that 4-inch screen work best. A 3-inch screen is hard to view due to its small screen size; a 5-inch screen is too large to fit into a pocket. Since a 4-inch screen offers good view-ability and is easier to carry, it is expected to meet consumers’ needs. In addition, its 8-bit digital interface allows for 16.7million-color video images, and its 50 percent color gamut offers a clear and crisp image display.

Considering that many consumers use PMPs outdoors, the brightness has been enhanced from 150cd/m2, the general brightness of mobile handsets, to 180cd/m2. Moreover, visibility is enhanced through TMR (Transmissive with Micro Reflective) mode, which reduces the reflection of sunlight."

(Samsung via engadget)

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