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Pavio_incradle If you have a Media Center PC then Portable Media Centers (PMC) are the perfect complement to that PC that let you carry movies and TV shows with you for mobile viewing.  Not very many people have Media Centers so getting the video to the PMC is a bit of a problem.  A company called Datexx has come up with what looks like a nice alternative to the PMC they call the Pavio.  The Pavio is a portable video gadget that has a TV tuner cradle for pulling and recording TV shows right to the device.  The Pavio has a 30 GB hard drive for storage, as well as both CF and SD slots for bringing in smaller content like photos and music files.  The 3.5" LCD screen is nothing special but the device does have tiny stereo speakers for listening without headphones. 

Certainly the innovation the Pavio offers centers around the TV tuner recording docking station that lets you pop the Pavio in for capturing TV shows right to the device.  The tuner will handle UHF, VHF and CATV.  There’s even a remote control for controlling the device.  The Pavio has connections to output to a TV, external speakers, computer (via USB 2.0) and headphones.  The docking station connections include inputs for the charger/ adapter, AV input/ output, Tuner input and S-Video output.  All in all the Pavio looks like a very complete portable TV recording solution that will work with any Windows or Mac PC.  The battery life is rated at 3 hours of video playback or 6 hours of music playback.  At $599 the Pavio is not cheap but it is a very capable gadget that does come with a ton of accessories.

(via The Red Ferret Journal (welcome back!))

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