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One thing starting jkOnTheRun has confirmed for me on a personal level is how passionate I am about writing about technology and how it can be applied to real world situations. I have come to realize what I suppose I always knew deep down that I really love writing. It provides so much pleasure and mental stimulation for me that it has transcended the mere hobby. I hope the articles here on jkOTR convey that passion to the readers and that you get even a fraction of the enjoyment reading them that I get from the writing.I have been writing for various web sites and magazines for years on a voluntary basis and have covered all facets of technology for the mobile professional. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoy covering mobile tech the reality of financial obligations has reared its ugly head as it often does and I have reached a crossroads of sorts. For this reason I would like to make a serious run at writing full time. I believe I bring an interesting perspective in the technology articles I write and would be an asset to any tech related web sites or publications that might be looking for a fresh angle on technology issues. In additon to writing all of the content for this web site I am a contributing writer for Lockergnome, one of the biggest tech sites on the planet, and for PocketPC Tools, one of the largest web sites that covers Windows Mobile based devices. I have contributed reviews to The Gadgeteer and have numerous articles published by Pocket PC Magazine. So any group that is actively looking for a tech writer to produce regular articles or reviews please check out my bio and the list of published work in the sidebar to the right and email me so we can pursue it further.I really enjoy writing about the technology that is evolving so rapidly and would like to do it for your publication. Thanks.



I don’t know where you’re at on this, but I thought of you when I read this…

Engadget needs you!
Here’s your official chance to join the Engadget team, we’re on the prowl for an intern and a new feature columnist, if you think you’ve got the chops, read on:

We’re also looking for a new feature columnist. We’re open to different ideas about what form a new column might take (it doesn’t have to be a standard op-ed column), all we care is that you can commit to doing it on a weekly basis and that you don’t run out of stuff to write about after three weeks (and of course that your column is consistantly utterly fascinating). Send your proposals to us at engadget@gmail.com.

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