Konfabulator for Windows November 8th!


I have already told you about the upcoming Windows edition of the coolest Mac utility ever, Konfabulator. Great news to add today as Pixoria, the company behind Konfabulator, issued a press release announcing the Windows version will be available November 8! Here’s the press release- note the coolest part is the statement that all 800+ widgets written for Konfabulator on the Mac will immediately be available for the Windows version!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMountain View, California – November 3, 2004 – Pixoria, Inc., the company behind the popular award winning Mac OS X application Konfabulator has announced that the Windows version of Konfabulator will finally be available to the public on Monday November 8.”We’re really excited about the opportunity be a part of the Windows platform.” Pixoria co-founder and CEO Arlo Rose said. “We’re all diehard Macintosh developers here but we recognize that Windows is the dominant platform. When you have a great idea you want more than 2% of the global market to have access to it.”Konfabulator is the groundbreaking application that allows the most novice of users to create highly graphical cross-platform mini-applications using JavaScript called Widgets. If you’re not into making your own, Konfabulator comes with over a dozen default Widgets from weather reports to a stock ticker. There’s also a gallery with over 800 third-party Widgets to choose from.Since its release early last year, numerous groups have used Konfabulator as the template for creating similar environments including Apple with their recently announced Dashboard system component.Starting last Friday Pixoria began a ten day countdown to the release of the new cross-platform version of Konfabulator. The countdown is in the form a field journal of an explorer documenting the differences between Macintosh and Windows computers in the wild.http://www.konfabulator.com/ten.htmlWhen released the majority of the 800+ WIdgets in Pixoria’s Widget Gallery will be available for immediate download on Windows.http://www.widgetgallery.com

Woo Hoo! It’s on my calendar now.(via The Tablet PC Weblog)

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