Aux displays coming for Tablets and notebooks


Aux_display_1Aux_display_2The SuperSite for Windows is reporting that Tablet PCs and notebook computers will get auxiliary displays in 2005 or 2006. What are auxiliary displays?

“Hardware-based auxiliary displays will begin appearing on Tablet PCs and other notebook computer in 2005 or 2006, Microsoft says. This handy feature gives the user quick access to personal information management (PIM) information, time, battery life, multimedia functionality like DVD and music playback, and other useful features while a laptop is closed and/or off. There will be different size and quality displays, which can be black and white or color. Microsoft’s hardware partners will create the actual displays and integrate them into their product lines, while Microsoft will provide the software links to make it work.”

This technology will go a long way to increased productivity for those mobile professionals who need to check for email or work with MP3s on these computers without having to fire up the device. This is similar to the LID module that is slated to appear on the FlipStart next year.Features_lidmoduleFlipStart LID Module(SuperSite for Windows via Tablet PC hep!)

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