Where’s the WiFiPod?

I love my iPod as do most people who have one because it works exactly like it is supposed to and it is so easy to use. I also use my 40 GB iPod to backup my laptop hard drive for easy recovery should things go wrong when I am traveling. Apple created a big buzz recently with the introduction of the iPod Photo, the first iPod with a color screen for looking at photos you download to the music player. I must be missing the point here because I have no desire to look at photos on a 1.5 inch screen, no matter how nice the pictures are. And color screens drain batteries far quicker than black and white ones so there is definitely a hit on the power.My question to Apple is why haven’t you added the obvious (to me) feature to the iPod? Where’s the WiFiPod? You know, a standard b/w iPod with WiFi built in? While it would be cool to stream music from your desktop iTunes library to the iPod that’s not the main reason I would like WiFi in my iPod. Sometimes I like to listen to indie radio stations on the internet and this would be perfect for that. I have over 1,000 songs in my iTunes library but I listen to the streaming radio all the time to hear new stuff. This seems to be a perfect feature to have in an iPod so how about it Apple? When can we expect to get our hands on the WiFiPod?


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