Where’s the WiFiPod?


I love my iPod as do most people who have one because it works exactly like it is supposed to and it is so easy to use. I also use my 40 GB iPod to backup my laptop hard drive for easy recovery should things go wrong when I am traveling. Apple created a big buzz recently with the introduction of the iPod Photo, the first iPod with a color screen for looking at photos you download to the music player. I must be missing the point here because I have no desire to look at photos on a 1.5 inch screen, no matter how nice the pictures are. And color screens drain batteries far quicker than black and white ones so there is definitely a hit on the power.My question to Apple is why haven’t you added the obvious (to me) feature to the iPod? Where’s the WiFiPod? You know, a standard b/w iPod with WiFi built in? While it would be cool to stream music from your desktop iTunes library to the iPod that’s not the main reason I would like WiFi in my iPod. Sometimes I like to listen to indie radio stations on the internet and this would be perfect for that. I have over 1,000 songs in my iTunes library but I listen to the streaming radio all the time to hear new stuff. This seems to be a perfect feature to have in an iPod so how about it Apple? When can we expect to get our hands on the WiFiPod?



about the color screen thing… that add-on is very convinent for photographers because, now, not only can they load the photos onto the ipod for space on the cameras little memory disks but can also look at them to pick out which are the good one. Photographers can take many pictures per second because a good picture is very hard to capture and it’s a pain to always carry around a laptop with you. This, to me, proves the ipod photo to be a useful money making move by apple to attract the many photographer that the world has.


a) I agree with you in regards to streaming radio to hear new music or just old music I heard one time but never knew who was the artist.
b) The way I see it and I have a technical outline made up is using an FM Tuner integrated into the next generation of IPODS. The FM tuner are cheaper ( by a factor of 25) than a WiFi chip.
c) With FM Tuner Apple could on their own or in partnership with Infinity Broadcasting for example,broadcast music per Genre let’s say. You can be jogging, walking, working,etc hearing the broadcast and if you hear a song you like , you can tag it for purchase once connected at your house.

-You can integrate the FM Tuner and this only raise the cost of the Ipod between $8-10.
– ITunes already have streaming operations in place and could expand at a really low cost
-In regards to broadcasting you have ways to accomplish

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