Songs In The Key Of Money


A rather strange rambling story, though rings true, in more ways than one: mobile music players need to let the market flourish on its own, rather than impose too many restrictions. Of course, all of it is motivated by the insane amount of money involved with ringtones…the hope is that it would translate into full-song downloads on mobiles.

Apparently, executives from RealNetworks, Beatnik (which writes audio software for mobile and other devices), and Coding Technologies, which develops DRM software, met in London last week (Was it a joint venture meeting, or just a meeting-of-minds meeting), to discuss how to develop protection schemes for mobile music…

Charles believes that any attempts in that direction would be foolish: “Just as with other digital-music players, we will demand the ability to choose how and how often we listen to our content – whether it’s music, spoken word, or something we’ve created ourselves….As long as they leave the huge storage on upcoming phones alone, they’ll see sparkling results. But to try to determine how we listen to what we choose – well, that’s the surest way to kill the golden goose of music.”

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