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Daily Music Wrap: Nov 4, ’04

Daily digital music related stories, in a convenient wrap-up. (Subscribe to the news feed: )

Would You Like an Extra Shot of Music With That Macchiato?: Starbucks is growing increasingly aggressive about marketing music alongside its macchiatos and madeleines…

Queen sells pirate music to fans: The chance to legally download up to 100 pirate recordings currently in circulation.

Juice Box plays music, video for sweet price: Juice Box, a personal video player that is anything but a toy.

Can Radio Kill the Digital Music Star?: XM MyFi Vs MP3 Players

CBC streams Ogg Vorbis: We’re currently testing the streaming of Ogg Vorbis, an open, free audio codec…

Apple disables iTunes plug-in: It disabled an add-on program that let people transfer songs off of their iPod.

New music download payment system to help teenagers: A new payment system for online music sales, including topping up an online account by cash, reverse SMS billing etc…