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Comcast’s VoIP Dream

Brian Roberts, CEO of the largest cable company says that Comcast’s voice-over-Internet-protocol system should be 100% built by mid-2005, and the company is already testing the VoIP service in three markets. Roberts says Comcast’s VoIP calls will travel to its switching office and back over a private network to the call’s recipient. Comcast VoIP will not be transmitted over the Internet. In other words, it could be flying over Level 3’s network, or AT&T network.

2 Responses to “Comcast’s VoIP Dream”

  1. VoIP Dude

    Most folks talk about Voice Over Internet and mean that between the user and the switch is the public internet. Cable MSOs run PacketCable softswitches (see which means that between the user and the switch is a private IP network. This setup would mean that quality of service can be assured between the endpoint and the switch. If a company with this setup uses Sprint, AT&T, MCI, Level3, etc., they are probably doing it for PSTN access or long distance.

  2. Hey OM, put me down for COMCAST to use Level3!!!!

    I know you might not beleive me since if somebody says “”VOIP” , I automatically ASSOCIATTE my baby Level3 with voip but soon, MOST all will do the same as me-Its Level3!