Windows Mobile based Treo coming


Treo_650Windowsmobile_masthead_ltr_1An investment report states that PalmOne is working on a Treo line of devices that run on the Windows Mobile operating system from Microsoft. All Treos to date have run on the Palm OS and this would be a big blow to PalmSource, the makers of the Palm OS. PalmOne spun off the OS division of the Palm conglomerate months ago which led to speculations that the separation of hardware and software could lead to Palm hardware with competitor’s software. No word on timing for a WM Treo but PalmSource’s share price dropped almost 10% at the news.

“The report added, “We know that an announcement is virtually certain,” citing comments made by executives following an event for PalmOne analysts on Oct. 5. However, the report said the analysts, Charles Wolf and Justin Udelhofen, did not know when a Microsoft version of the Treo would be released.”


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