Not My XM Myfi


Dumb quote of the day: “If it works, the XM Radio portable is a much bigger deal than the latest iPods. Think about it, just about everybody listens to radio, while only about 60 percent of the U.S. buys any music at all,” said Jupiter Research analyst David Card from an equally dumb article. Radio is everywhere because it is free. XM MyFi costs $350 and $10 a month. Or about $120 a year. Expect a nice write-off from XM in three quarters from now.


Allen Shulman

Yes, and it’s also free to:

1. Watch broadcast tv; why would anyone pay for cable or satellite?

2. Get cash from a bank teller; why would anyone pay money to get back their own cash from a machine?

3. Read books from the public library; why would anyone pay money to buy a book?

Never underestimate people’s willingness to pay money for entertainment, convenience, and novelty.


How much will 1000 new songs at cost over the course of a year and how much time will be spent uploading to iPod? MyFi allows 5 hrs of recorded/stored content for play back at leisure W/NO PC OR MAC and continuous fresh music, news, sports, comedy, live broadcasts…..Maybe I sound like an XMRadio ad or something, but that will be the best $350 bucks I will ever spend!

Eddie Robinson

Yep, everything they just said, plus 10 bucks a month is nothing really. Definately worth it to get rid of commercials. I don’t know how well it’ll work in the car factory I work at though. If it does I know about 3000 more people that’ll buy one.

Chuck Mangione

I second that, Anon, can’t do without the spontaneity of a radio service/program.


Valid points but, I definitely will be the first person on my block to own one. I can’t stand my iPod because listening to my own music collection is boring. I crave a service/device that provides me with a constantly refreshed block of interesting music that I can listen to on planes, trains and subways.

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