Nokia #1 for now


Nokia is still the #1 cell phone maker in the world, reports In-Stat/MDR. Nokia shipped 51.4 million handsets in the third quarter. Motorola is #2 with 23.3 million handsets. Samsung is next with 22.7 million units, or 13.8% market share. Samsung’s share has been rising steadily. Moto, better watch out. Siemens is at # four with an estimated share of 7.3% (it reports earnings Nov. 11), LG # five (7.2%), and Sony Ericsson # six (6.5%). Total cell phone shipments for the quarter were 165 million. For the full year, In-Stat/MDR forecasts global shipments of 653 million mobile phones, a 22% increase over last year. Next year will bring a slowdown, with growth between 7% and 9%, or roughly 705 million units.

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