How podcasting will save radio- i love


Tod Maffin of i love has written an excellent article discussing how podcasting will save radio. Tod has a great perspective on the whole podcasting phenomenon and always has insightful things to say about it. The article points out that contrary to impressions that many people have good programming is not easy for beginners and it will take a good effort for budding podcasters to be successful. He also discusses the potential revenue streams that might evolve for successful podcasts. If you have an interest in this new area of technology then check out the whole article. Here’s a quote to whet your appetite:

The Podcasters are few today, but as the tools mature, expect plenty more to jump on the bandwagon. By podcasting, sometimes in public venues, some are already developing broadcasting skills the radio veterans have spent years learning: quick reaction to live events, multitasking technologies while speaking, the art of the cold-read, and voice performance. Podcasting also removes the barriers to getting on the air – as long as you can build enough of a brand to get people to your site, you are “on the air.” There’s no station producer or news director to convince. Already, netizens like Adam Curry have developed a brand with their podcast, and that brand can easily be turned into revenue.”

(Tod Maffin via i love

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