ppcTunes rocks!

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Information Appliance Associates, which has made a living out of making Pocket PC play nice with Mac has just released ppcTunes, a tiny piece of software that can automatically copy & convert music from Apple iTunes to Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, Pocket PC Phones & Smartphones. It also converts mp3 files to windows media files. The program costs a whopping $10 bucks. I have often told Microsoft Mac group that they should buy IAA. It is one cool company!

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What is not clear about PPCTunes is whether you can control the destination of the files to outside the PPC primary storage area, and go to an SD card.

Their screenshots show an option “Use Storage Card if present”, but this does not seem very granular. I already have /books /photos /music in there, and do not want to get spaghetti in there.

Currently I’m using Doppler with MobSync which is working OK, but it’s no where near as usable as iTunes and an iPod.

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