DSL better than cable?

Nearly 79 percent of broadband users (79 percent) are looking for a triple-play package – video, data and voice, and nearly 55% will switch to phone companies to get this package, according to a survey conducted by gateway maker, 2Wire. The problem is that the survey is skewed, since the company polled 2,000 DSL subscribers. Since 2Wire sells a lot of equipment to SBC and other phone companies, I could see the bias by only polling DSL users. If you asked cable users the same questions, the answers are going to be pretty much the same, perhaps more skewed towards cable. (I guess that is the main reason they were not included – after all Linksys is getting all the business from Comcast!)

  • The survey reveals that 91 percent would switch their traditional phone service to VoIP if they found out their telco was now offering the service.
  • To break it down further, 32 percent would do so without hesitation and 59 percent would switch if offered significant savings. That means, folks are seriously interested in VoIP but won’t buy it from any willy-nilly. Our friends at Vonage have their work cut out.
  • Nearly 28 percent of consumers expressed the opinion that having shared access to music, movies and photos around the home would make family life or apartment-sharing easier. A further 40 percent said the key benefit is that rooms would no longer have fixed functions. For example, the most popular feature among respondents was the ability to watch a movie on a TV downstairs, pause it, then continue watching from the bedroom.
  • Being able to remotely access a home network was also considered important, with 26 percent of respondents saying they would like to access media on the home network from outside the home.
  • 18 percent considering the ability to remotely monitor their home by Webcam to be a top benefit of multi-media networking.

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