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Daily Music Wrap: Nov 1, ’04

Daily digital music related stories, in a convenient wrap-up. (Subscribe to the news feed: )

Schools explore digital music: More than 20 campuses across the nation have already entered into arrangements with legitimate providers to offer students access to music online.

Ruckus Seeks to Raise a Digital Community: profile of digital music starup Ruckus Network…

Today’s Pop Stars in It for the URLs: In this celebrity-obsessed age, an unfiltered forum between an artist and fans can douse a scandal before it impacts a career.

iTunes Ireland sees ‘pot of gold’?: Apple is in negotiations to launch iTunes Music Store in Ireland…

A Rising iPod Lifts All Boats: The success of Apple’s music player has inspired other outfits to create a tidal wave of accessories, generating big profits all around

Wippit demands big-name business boycott: Wippit has called on the music industry to boycott major Brit and international firms, accusing them of fuelling “illegal” P2P services with ad dollars.

Net Music the Danish way: Locked down and easily cracked