4SmartPhone- hosted Exchange server for smartphones just $3.99/ month


Hosted Exchange Server solutions provide tremendous value for the cost for mobile professionals. Exchange Server setups provide total access to your PIM data and email from any mobile device you might use at the time. Throw in Outlook Web Access and you can work with your Outlook data from any computer with a web browser. 4SmartPhone introduced a new service today that provides a complete hosted Exchange Server solution aimed at PC and smartphone users. The service will normally run $4.99 per month but there is an introductory price now being offered of just $3.99 per month! This is the cheapest Exchange Server solution I have seen anywhere. Here are the details from the press release:

— Triple 5 Plan: It takes less than five minutes to register on the4SmartPhone website, less than five seconds to setup, and less thanfive dollars a month– One week free trial period, or extra month of service if annualsubscription paid during plan enrollment– Usage of their own email addresses– Seamless interface with any POP3 email account– 100MB of mailbox space on a hosted Exchange Server 2003– Over the Air (OTA) synchronization of email, contacts and calendar– Mobile access using Outlook Smart Access– Secure access from any connected PC using Outlook Web Access– Over the Air smartphone setup– NO SOFTWARE to install on the phone or the PC– Virus checking– SSL Encryption and security– Spam filtering– Daily backups– Online (email, chat, knowledge base) 24×7 support– Only $3.99/month introductory price — $4.99/month regular price.

With the one week free trial it is a great opportunity for you to see if a hosted Exchange Server will work for you. I love mine and couldn’t live without it.



Good points Frank. They did not mention the lack of Outlook access in the press kit I received. What good is a hosted Exchange Server without Outlook access? But at least they have a “full” service. I’ll be looking to hear from anyone trying them out. Sounds like a good service for Smartphones, anyway.

Frank McPherson

It looks enticing, but there are a couple of caveats. They say they don’t support access via desktop Outlook, which in essence prevents you from easily storing email on your desktop. Basically, you are getting web-based email with access from a Smartphone or Pocket PC Phone Edition.

Also, it says all outbound emails will have a promotional footer added. While I know that their price is cheap, I have a problem providing that type of advertising for something that I am still paying money for.

It still sounds like a good deal, and their “full” Exchange hosting is reasonably competitive at $12.50 per month. The lack of access via Outlook and the advertising would be deal stoppers for me.

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