jkOnTheRun nominated for best independent tech blog!


Readerschoicelogo2a_2YOU PEOPLE ROCK!!!!! A few weeks ago I shamelessly asked you to nominate jkOnTheRun for the best independent tech blog for the First Annual TechWeb Network Best Independent Tech Blog Readers Choice Awards being run by TechWeb. TechWeb ran the nominations for a few weeks and then took only the top 10 nominated tech blogs for inclusion in the voting beginning November 1. Well guess what? You guys came through big time and jkOnTheRun is in the top 10 group open for voting! This is just awesome and I thank you very much!Vote for jkOnTheRun as best independent tech blog!!!This contest is pretty cool as it is giving exposure to a number of small tech blogs like this one and the competition looks pretty stiff. It’s an honor to be nominated in the company of Slashdot, another top 10 finalist. Now it’s time to get really shameless and ask for your vote to see how far we can go with this. Like in the nomination phase you can only vote once so if you like what you see here feel free to vote for jkOTR. :) This just made my whole week! WOOT!Vote for jkOnTheRun as best independent tech blog!!!


Jonathan Napier

Congrats on getting nominated, I’ve just placed my vote for you to win, good luck jk,



Thanks Kevin and bk! This has been so cool. What’s amazing to me is the original post asking for nominations here on jkOTR was the only time or place I mentioned this contest. We got enough nominations to get into the top ten just from visitors to this site. That’s great! Now that the voting has begun I am pimping jkOTR everywhere. :)

Kevin C. Tofel

Voted with the following comment:
“It’s obvious the author has a real love for mobile technology and he imparts great useful information several times a day. One would think this is his full time job, but it’s “only” his passion and hobby. This site is a must see, several times a day for me.”

Keep up the great work James and best of luck on 11/15!


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