R U Video Dating Yet?


Telegraph UK says that thanks to 3G Networks in Europe, video dating is new cool thing when it comes to a hook-up. 3G Mobile carrier 3 has just announced a large scale availability of the service in UK.

This involves two people chatting and perhaps flirting while watching live footage of each other on the screens of their mobiles. That is the theory, anyway. Rubika Balendra, 19, is a vivacious, articulate medical student thinks that video mobile dating has great potential over texting. “You get a number from a guy in a club and you text him and it all rests on whether he texts back and how long he takes to answer,” she says. “But you can’t get emotions across by text or e-mail. I have spent many an evening with girlfriends agonising over the significance of a text full-stop in a particular place or a late reply.”

If this catches on, looks like 3G networks might finally have their one true really killer application.



This is Very useful thing for the chatting. In this type of chatting we
can watch other person and talk also. This technique is running very fastly in todays.


I have never encountered such concept before. Well, I think follows the same concept of online dating. No matter what or how, dating is still an integral part of any life. It just so happen that technology is readily available to neutralize the distance problem.

Esme Vos

Video dating? Yeah, killer app for the desperate (like Match.com).

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