jkOnTheRun mentioned on the Whole Wheat Radio


Jim6_1I just found this yesterday and it is so cool I have to mention it. An article from jkOnTheRun was mentioned on a Podcast by Jimbob of the Whole Wheat Radio show that aired October 18. The article is my prediction that we will soon see a legal frenzy over the use of copyrighted material in Podcasts. Whole Wheat Radio didn’t say much about the article other than listeners could check it out for themselves but the important point is they mentioned it.The web page that discusses this show also has a link to the Podcast if you want to listen to it. He has a unique style, that’s for sure. Kind of a laid back, I don’t care about anything style. Cool to be mentioned on a Podcast. :)


Kevin C. Tofel

How did I know that YOU would be the first person I know to be mentioned in a Podcast? I’m thinking that we’ll hear you on a Daily Source Code interview with Curry next…

Way cool, but are you going to sue him for copyright infringement??? Just kidding! ;>) AWESOME!!!


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