Giving ENUM a helping hand

Telecom carriers are finally banding together and giving a concerted push to ENUM, a new kind of numbering system that allows folks to associate domain names and telephone numbers. Those who are trying to push ENUM are sworn enemies like AT&T,, MCI, SBC Laboratories, Sprint, and Verizon. In order to get the momentum behind ENUM, a new group, the Country Code 1 ENUM Limited Liability Company (CC1 ENUM LLC), is going to work with countries in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), which includes the United States, Canada and the Caribbean nations. A common ENUM system becomes more necessary as applications like voice-over-IP (VoIP) become more widely adopted, Telephony magazine writes. ENUM push comes at a time, when start-up, Popular Telephony is pushing its own numbering system, GNUP, which calls for folks to use Peerio discovery algorithm. As we have noted in recent days, the whole concept of numbering has become a bit of a nightmare. Aswath, has summed up the current state of affairs with numbers, addressing and all related issues in this excellent post. (What else would you expect?) I think we are ways to go before we address these issues.

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