Another BRIC in the Broadband Wall

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Any guesses about where the next big broadband spurt is going to come from, well here is a clue: BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India and China. Those are the countries which will be the new forces in the broadband world, and will inspire an increasingly multilingual broadband planet. Yahoo! News reports that the Brazilian phone companies are betting on strong demand for high-speed Internet access in the next few years.

The latest estimates for the broadband business in Brazil are eye-popping. While countries with widespread broadband use post annual growth rates of up to 40 percent, Brazil’s main operators see high-speed access expanding from 60 percent to 100 percent this year and next.

In China, we know how serious the government is about rolling out broadband. Indian incumbents are targeting 4 million new broadband users in next couple of users. Russia is right up there, though I don’t have current data (Help?) I have often wondered what kind of impact these four countries will have on the standards, and equipment suppliers? Will this BRIC boom result in formation of next Cisco in China or India? Love to get your thoughts on the low-cost, high volume broadband revolution that is coming.

1 Comment

Nareshchandra Singh

Hi, currently there is an ongoing tender going on for a broadband project in Andhra Pradesh? What is striking about this project is that it promises to ultimately provide broadband at a price less than $5 per month! Though, network sharing with existing carriers is part of the plan, this could be the yet another Indian project that will crash the lower limits in terms of equipment price.

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