Russell gives finger to God, Google


Russell Beattie, who is a big of a wireless maverick: decides that $190 options, arrogant paper millionaires and all that is not for him. Hey… dude, congrats for not wanting to work at Netscape. Oh correct that….

I’m not particuarly bullish on Google services and innovation going forward. I like Google Search and I like Blogger, but everything else they’re doing is disjointed. They’re slowly creating a mess of services with no real cohesive plan and it’s just not compelling to me. Orkut, GMail, Froogle, Desktop Search, etc. are all in beta and have no common thread or business plan. How many logins do I need? How is any of this stuff going to make money? Orkut even uses Microsoft tech on the back end, is that a joke? I compare Google to Amazon, eBay, and Yahoo and it seems like amateur hour over there. No excuses that they’re younger, I don’t think their problems have anything to do with that.

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