VON versus Pop!Tech


Sturat is down on VON but like Pop!Tech Flys because….

The exhibits had no imagination. If you wanted to learn where the industry was going you would have to ask yourself why emerging VoIP players weren’t even there….. Well there was the FWD Communicator which IMHO doesn’t come even close to matching Skype. It’s key claim to fame is the integration with other IM systems so when you want to call someone it sends you an IM enabling a communicator link. I found a buddy on the system…. just dialled him from the demo PC….. Contrast with Pop!Tech. Here’s the overall. Pop!Tech is not blasted with sponsors and sponsor presentations. It also was designed to make you think. Pop!Tech was seeking a new a broader understanding and with a definition of a new renaissance naturally much broader than VON’s. However that is just what you need when new perspectives are required. Many PopTech presenters had a book or two to their names.

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