Glucose testing on the Gameboy Advance


GlucoboyI am fortunate that none of my children have juvenile diabetes but I can imagine how hard it must be for parents of children that do. Glucose monitoring is so important for keeping diabetes under control and anything that makes that easier would be a good thing. A new product is nearing availability and I think it will be a boon for those parents. The GLUCOBOY is a glucose meter that is inserted into a Nintendo Gameboy Advance that not only functions as a complete meter but provides game incentives for children who keep their level under control.

GLUCOBOY® FeaturesFirst Glucose Meter Developed Specifically for ChildrenFirst Medical Device to Interface with a Nintendo GAMEBOYFirst Medical Device to Offer Incentives Based on ComplianceFirst Medical Device Deemed Socially AcceptableFirst Medical Device with Immediate and Delayed Incentive StructureFirst Medical Device to Incorporate Disease Management Comprehension With IncentivesStill Covered Under Most Medical Insurance Policies

This is one of those gadgets that really provides a useful service. I hope it is priced reasonably when it goes on sale but the implication that insurance policies will pay for the device might indicate otherwise.

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