Wireless broadband with the IPWireless Desktop Modem


Ipwireless_desktop_modemWhen portable broadband is really important to you a simple solution is usually the best. The IPWireless Desktop Modem certainly fits that description and is such an innovative idea you wonder why no one else did it before. The IPWireless is basically a 3G wireless modem that can be connected to your laptop or Tablet PC when broadband connection is not otherwise available. The dimunitive size of the modem (3″ x 4″) means you can easily travel with the device. The IPWireless has an internal rechargeable battery which is nice and can be plugged into the wall when an outlet is available.The unique design of the IPWireless is the SIM card slot. You just pop your existing SIM card into the modem and use the same account as your phone which precludes needing another account. The modem connects to your PC via USB or through an Ethernet port and the device will trickle charge through the USB connection which is a nice touch.No pricing is listed on their web site yet.



Hey techies,
this is rather a question than a comment as the modem is proving itself even in Cameroon to be so valuable! The issue is I want to be able to open up some firwall ports..but just how do I access the modem firewall settings?
Regards and merry Xmas.

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