Samsung’s Struts its stuff

samsungvogue.jpgSamsung has long realized the cell phones are part of our lifestyle, a fashion accessory and not just a device to call others. Well in an effort to spread this message, they have repeatedly teamed up with fashion designers, especially in emerging markets such as India. However, they are now bringing that model to the US. They have teamed up with Vogue, and Diane von Furstenberg to develop a new line of products. First up, a limited edition designer phone DVF Mobile by Samsung. DVF Mobile by Samsung has a camera, camcorder and more such crap. DVF Mobile by Samsung will come with Diane von Furstenberg original charm and accessory known as the “CityBand,” which allows on-the-go, style-conscious women to carry the essential lip gloss, credit card and wireless phone in one elegantly designed package. When does a device like this come for men? You with essential tool belt accessory package and a cooler of brews?