Microsoft Game Advisor


Ms_game_advisorI first found the Microsoft Game Advisor a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post about it. The Game Advisor is a convenient place to check information about just about every computer game you can think of to determine if it will run on your given hardware. The Advisor scans your hardware and builds a local database which lets you check any game to see if your computer can play it. It gives you a sliding scale that indicates the minimum and recommended hardware requirements for the game in question and shows where your particular computer falls on the same scale. It is also an easy way to see if a particular game has updates available. Microsoft Game Advisor is a very useful tool and gamers should definitely check it out as it is is great for determining if laptops, Tablet PCs, and ultra-portables like the OQO will play a given game. I have been surprised how many current games the Sony U-70 will play.

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