IPod and the pretenders

New Crop of Portable is trying to take a bite of Apple’s IPod. AP reports that five companies – Dell, Virgin, Creative Labs, IRiber and Archos – have unveiled their latest iPod challengers — portable music players with hard disks that can store anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 songs. “Everyone is trying to get a bite out of Apple’s piece of the pie,” Susan Kevorkian, analyst at market research firm IDC tells AP. However most of them are unlikely to succeed. Its one of those things – like Diesel jeans, Volkswagen Bug and Porsche – they have become cultural icons, and in a way symbol of post-bubble technological chutzpah. Apple, despite all the competition has two big things going for it: it has cracked the code when it comes to human-machine interaction. Secondly, it has put together a most compelling package of hardware, software and content. I am yet to see a device with the simplistic elegance of IPod. Isn’t it ironic, the more the competitors, the more IPod sells. Is it perhaps people have a chance to compare the best with the worst, and make up their mind, that extra few dollars is really worth it.

Sony, Samsung and others want a piece of this market, but if they want to do it, then they need to learn the consumer behavior. The teens of today are a complicated a lot. And if that is not enough, car companies are helping spread the IPod phenomenon: have IPod will travel. The IPod economy which has lent a DIY appeal to the device.


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