EyeBeam, iBeam… its all good


Jonathan Greene is giving some serious word-up to EyeBeam’s Mac-Friendly Media Center. And just when were getting a wee-bit jealous about the Microsoft Windowx XP Media Center!

I am fortunate to be able to support the highest quality connection to my TV and stereo and very pleased with the results. Sound comparison to my SliMP3 (the original model) is definitely crisper and cleaner. I am very pleased with how this box works and would recommend it to you as a very easy way to extend your media library to any room in your home with a TV and a stereo. Picture and sound quality are excellent and I’ve tested content that was linked to both my powerbook (connected over Airport Extreme) as well as the iMac (connected over ethernet) and both were able to stream their music and video files without issue.



technology industry has a history of coming up with confusing duplicate names. anyway this is the not the video phone…. andy you need to become a name consultant

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